What is the Best Age to Get Braces?

You may be considering braces and probably have some questions and concerns of your own about braces. Some of those questions may include how you’re going to pay for them, length of treatment, and what is the best age to get braces. Here’s the lowdown on this aspect of dental care.

Most common reasons why people need braces?

Types of Braces:

Today there are many options to choose from:

What is the most common age get braces:

There is typically no set age for a child to get braces. Some dentists recommend children start seeing the orthodontist as early as 6. Some kids start when they are 10, and some don’t start seeing an orthodontist until they are in their teens.  Dental professionals recommend to wait either until:

  1. All primary/baby teeth are gone
  2. 12 year molars (aka second molars) are starting to grow in

Here are some risks of putting braces on young children:

Something to keep in mind is that caring for your braces is essential to an effective treatment plan.  This is why it’s sometimes suggested to put early teens in braces as opposed to younger children.

Braces are an important step to giving your child the smile that will give them confidence and high self-esteem. We will help your family start that journey by advising you on what is the best age for braces for your children.

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