Tips for Teaching Your Kids Better Dental Habits

Healthy teeth are important to your child’s overall health because it helps set good oral health habits as your child grows. If dental care for kids is overlooked, it can lead to infection, disease, or other teeth problems. Kids live by their parents’ example, so remain calm at the dentist’s office in front of your children. This will help shape their behavior during future cleanings and will also affect whether or not they will stick with other good dental habits.

Here are a few strategies you can try to help teach good oral health habits:

Show…don’t tell:

Your toddler or child should see you brushing your teeth every morning and evening. Alter your routine so they can be present during this time. You can also find YouTube videos of children the same age as your child having a good time using a toothbrush. Kids love having a peer to relate to when they are learning a new skill.

Make it a fun habit:

One easy way to encourage good dental health for kids so that it turns into a lifelong habit is to look for ways to make it enjoyable. A few easy ways to do this is:

Refrain from sugars and juice:

Children under the age of three should not be drinking juice as it’s not a healthy alternative to water and can lead to tooth decay before their adult teeth start growing.

Make your child’s dental regiment a priority:

Because most children aren’t too familiar with putting objects other than food into their mouths,  most likely become fussy. Do not cave – make it clear that dental hygiene is not a choice because if good practices aren’t instilled early, you’ll have a much more difficult time as a parent enforcing proper habits when they’re older.

Tips on how to encourage your child if there is a struggle with them brushing their teeth:

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