Oral Cancer Screening Promotion

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month


For the months of April and May, receive a complimentary oral cancer screening at Victoria Court Dental – no cost & no obligation.

I didn’t know I was at risk… As many as 25% of people will develop oral cancer without any known risk factors. In fact, three people die from oral cancer everyday in Canada – making the five-year survival rate of oral cancer lower than the survival rates of breast, cervical and prostate cancer.

The good news is, if oral cancer is detected early, treatment is easier, less invasive and more than 90% curable.

Victoria Court Dental is raising awareness by offering complimentary oral cancer screenings for the months of April and May. Oral cancer screenings can effectively aid in the early detection of oral cancer. They are quick, easy and painless – and could save your life.

Call us at 902 893 9686 (Truro) or 902 895 3977 (Bible Hill) to reserve your complimentary oral cancer screening today.